Glazing: Glass and Window Installation

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Glazing and Windows

Windows are one of the most important parts of the house. They create the look and the feel of the house, shaping its personality. Glazing is that part of the wall which is bound by frame and covered with glass. While single pane windows are easily replaceable and can be done by the individual alone. Double pane windows require more refined hands for a proper fit.

Who are Glazing Professionals?

Professionals in in this field are called window installation contractors or glazing contractor. They operate as self-employed individuals or employees of firms that deal with commercial and residential window installation and repair. There is a high chance that your general contractor may subcontract this part of the construction or repair project to a third party firm or individual who possesses the requisite skill set.

Requirements to become a Glazing Professional

Like most carpentry and fixture fitting jobs, there is no requirement for high levels of education. The typical person in this line of work has a high school diploma alongside few years’ worth of professional training, which acquaints them with the ins and outs of the trade. Save for a state or two, none require any professional license to install windows in the area, although specific requirements related to certifications may vary according to geographic area. Vocational training is the sure fire way of ensuring that you learn all the tricks of the trade in such a manner that you can apply them with limited supervision. This program is usually called a building and trades program. The other parallel system is that of apprenticeship with an experienced glazier. The duration of apprenticeships are generally three years or the specifics may vary. This time spent with a licensed glazier gives them a hands on and practical education which, in expediency, prove to be more useful than vocational training.

Duties of Glaziers

While the scope of every project is different, there are some shared job descriptions between every job that a professional does. The most important part of a glazier’s job is selecting the right kind of materials. Procuring high quality materials are half the job, and finding suppliers with steady product properties may prove to be a challenge. The other part is reading the drawings and making measurements with such accuracy that they are able to cut the glass in the right sizes such that it fits the frame of the door or window that it is supposed to go in. These days the shapes and widths of glass comes in a spectrum of forms form regular to irregular, glass with rounded sides in particular are in vogue. An important aspect in the installation process in the application of some seal or mold, that is able to hold the glass in place, such that it does not rattle and break when exposed to movement.

Types of Different Projects

The beauty of construction is that new designs keep on emerging. Jobs range from glass installation in basic doors to skylights and display cases. Contractors employed on high rise projects can expect some interesting and dangerous work.